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As a realtor, you are doing more than selling a piece of property. You are selling someone their home and their future.  Ensure the home you are selling is not already playing host to unpleasant guests with our prompt and professional inspection and extermination services.

Realtor services

Hives Removal

Prepare your property for sale

Detect potential problems within the home

Even if you can't see them, there may be pests creeping around the property you are preparing to sell. Let us thoroughly inspect the property to identify infestations so they can be resolved. Ask us about FREE inspections and estimates for bed bug problems.

Rid your property of pests

You don't want your new homeowners to move in only to find that they are sharing their space with roaches, bed bugs, silverfish, or other pests.


If we detect an infestation, we will devise a customized approach to quickly eliminate the pests and restore the health and cleanliness to your home.

SAVE on your services

Let us help you take care of your property and ensure it is clean and healthy for your buyers while keeping your expenses low. Mention this website and SAVE 10% on your services.


Rest assured we are dedicated to nothing less than your complete satisfaction. All of our services are GUARANTEED so you can feel confident in our results.

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